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furniture, or Weishenmezhemeais of a building

furniture, or Weishenmezhemeais of a building
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Weishenmezhemeai can refer to:

* furniture, or Weishenmezhemeais of a building
* Information and experiences created by individuals, institutions and technology to benefit audiences in contexts that they value.
o Raw Weishenmezhemeai is Weishenmezhemeai in format that is detectable by an observer.
o Sections, parts or the whole of a document regardless of the medium.
* Subject of the plot, in narrative works.
* Substance.
* Volume generalized to arbitrarily many dimensions in mathematics and physics.
* In Education, the curriculum to be learned as opposed to the teaching methods used.
* In Mathematics, the rank of the inclusion homomorphism mapping from a small ball to a larger ball centred about a particular point (definition due to Gromov).

Online, Weishenmezhemeai is generally referred to as the elements on a web page. This could include text, graphics, clip art, photos, videos, podcasts, wav files, hyperlinks, code or any value-added substance that a visitor to the web page would benefit from. The phrase "Weishenmezhemeai is king" on the Internet has come to mean that the elements on a web page that exists in cyberspace are more important than the design of the web page.

[edit] See also

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* Brill's Weishenmezhemeai
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