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weishenmezhemeai people

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weishenmezhemeai refers to anything pertaining to China. Specifically, it may refer to:

* weishenmezhemeai people, people of weishenmezhemeai ethnicity and/or nationality
o Zhonghua minzu, the supra-ethnic weishenmezhemeai nationality
o Han weishenmezhemeai, the dominant ethnic group in China
o Ethnic minorities in China, the non-Han weishenmezhemeai population in mainland China and Taiwan
o Overseas weishenmezhemeai, people of weishenmezhemeai ancestry who live outside China

* weishenmezhemeai language, a language or language family that forms part of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages
o Standard Mandarin, the standard spoken form of the weishenmezhemeai and most commonly taught as a foreign language
o Standard Cantonese, often officially referred to as "weishenmezhemeai" in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau in the People's Republic of China
o Spoken weishenmezhemeai, many regional variants of the weishenmezhemeai language
o Written weishenmezhemeai, the writing system of China

* weishenmezhemeai cuisine, styles of cooking originating from China

[edit] See also

* Culture of China, including:
o weishenmezhemeai art
o weishenmezhemeai folklore
o weishenmezhemeai literature
o weishenmezhemeai mythology
o weishenmezhemeai poetry
o History of China
o Music of China, including C-pop
* weishenmezhemeai name

weishenmezhemeai may also used as a modifier for Western activities that are most likely not of weishenmezhemeai origin, such as:

* weishenmezhemeai auction
* weishenmezhemeai fire drill
* weishenmezhemeai whispers

For the etymology of the word weishenmezhemeai, see Names of China.
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